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Map your site in minutes

Watch the video demonstrating our scanning technology.

With Adept’s handheld surveying devices, you typically get site data acquisition in minutes. Technically advanced yet compact, our survey tools deliver 360° data intelligence for any survey site and turn complex data into simple, usable visuals and models.

Data confidence

  • Backed by Licensed Land Surveyors with independent QA data validation metrics available on request

  • Data can be supplied in project coordinates and orientation to match title, aerial imagery or other requirements

  • Choose from basic monochrome scans (e.g. interior floorplans) or detailed cloud imaging for object discrimination or photorealistic surface rendering in full colour.

Reach new heights and discover new viewpoints

  • Interrogate what you need, when you need it — from elevations and tree heights, to floor plans and everything in between

  • Access links to 360° imagery throughout your project at multiple locations

  • Get vectorized or object data for real surfaces and structures in industry standard formats, delivering you key details and insights without the data complexity

  • Measure and map anything within 70m and get full colour images.

  • It is not drone based, so mapping indoor and outdoor without regulatory limitations is all possible NOW.

Flexible and convenient

  • Record changing site conditions at any point of the project via speedy re- acquisition in the same coordinate geometry (e.g. build progress, cut, fill, profile)

  • Improve safety by not having to touch the objects you’re measuring (hot pipes, elevated ducts, unstable stockpiles, etc.)

  • Eliminate or reduce road closures, ‘work on rail’ permits, ‘working at height’ ratings and other logistical inconveniences.

Record every detail from every possible view angle in just a few minutes. This service offers complete and survey accurate mapping with no gaps or risks.

To discover more, contact Adept Surveys.

Jeremy Pearce, Licensed Land Surveyor

Adept Surveys PL, 161 Sydney Rd Coburg VIC 3058

ph. 03 9383 7878

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