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you want to view more(land)?

Insatiable appetites to scope literally every feature and item of larger and more complex projects drives the desires for more data..... but how much can you deal with?

Heritage buildings and structures, complex interwoven services, mechanical and structural interrelationships / dependencies and the interaction of sites with their surroundings can call for another level of detail.

Our handheld mobile colour scan (Simultaneous localisation scans and combined photogrammetric image processing) give the best of both worlds where the scan data (300,000 points per second) and the imagery are combined create highly accurate sensed data points with the RGB (ie colour value/shade) attribute of the camera pixels at 3D point location providing an incredible mosaic of millions of 3D points that (depending on scan point display size) can appear as a realistic 3D image.

At the same time as providing some much needed 'contextualisation' to the plain old scanned points, these devices will scan up to 100m distance in good conditions and easily detects rooflines, chimneys etc of heritage streetscapes when viewed from the opposite kerb. Coupled with the ability to literally have thousands of sampling locations as we move around the site (ie like setting up a single traditional scanner tripod in thousands of locations) the 3D nature of the site truly comes to life.

How do you harness this data in simple or cheap interface?

If you just want to view data from a particular viewpoint and make a few measurements, we can provide a html link interface that allows 360 degree views from nominated locations and top down, side on or other perspectives so that simple measurement tools can be engaged (see images below situated at green dots in the 'plan' view).

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