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Floorplans - Accurate and risk free

Usually upon engagement as an architect or building designer and on perhaps the first or second site visit, you'll spend a few hours or more exploring the floorplan, sketching, taping, photographing and generally establishing the extents and shape of the site. Back in the office, you'll attempt to fit all this together, pray you didn't miss that vital dimension that links elements (aka rooms, etc) together, perhaps use your skill with perspectives to estimate some features and still find that what you expected overall fits with a bit of +/-....... familiar story? about a hand held scanner operated by one of our surveyors?

We can scan your spaces in conjunction with our usual land title survey and/or our feature and level surveys and save you time measuring and detailing the floorplan. The scan data can reach every angle and aspect because it is handheld (underfloor space, up the manhole??) and the true shape and dimensions of the spaces will be clearly recorded at 40,000 points per second within sightlines of approx 15-20m. Resolution of objects is in the 10-15mm range but accuracies of derived data are within typically 3-5mm of the independent registration defined by traditional survey techniques.

We deliver to a huge variety of design, engineering, construction, heritage & planning businesses with individual and specific workflows utilising differing levels of sophistication and software products. To that end, we seek to eliminate 'analysis paralysis' by, rather than delivering files containing a few million points, we instead vectorise the scan data in our offices so that the floorplans and elevations can be presented within traditional vector based drawing files. Clients typically receive a title and feature survey in traditional format with the internal floorplans inserted and door/window/ceiling and floor heights documented for each space. Of course if you want .LAS or .PLY 3D scan data files, then we're happy to provide a USB stick or similar.

How do you know it's right? We run 2 independent survey control techniques through the data at time of acquisition and can provide a mathematical (Least Squares) report of the relative data accuracy for your data set. The difference between accuracy and trust of drone, scanner and photogrammetric models derived by spatial professionals is the understanding of the data and how we can ensure the integrity and accuracy .... not just a pretty picture.

Whats the cost?.. AHA. We're trying to make this a viable alternative to your current workflow that gives you certainty and trust (and at the same time, transfers the risk to us) while keeping you engaging with your clients and charging out your core skills. We figure the average 3 bedroom dwelling would take approx 3-4hrs to detail all spaces and openings and perhaps another 3-6 hours in office to construct the 2D base alignments and add window/door locations (feel free to feed your experience back). Currently, we provide written quotes on a case by case basis and pitch documented floorplans included in our title surveys to reflect 8-10hrs work at drafting rates.

If this something worth considering, call/email our team and we'll happily assist with finer detail and any lingering questions you may have.

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