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XRAY vision!..... well almost

The beauty of a 3D terrestrial scan is the infinite possibilities for viewing the data from any direction or angle.

We see the power and the possibilities when the data is sliced horizontally or vertically that more closely resembles the cross section, elevations and floor plans of our traditional 2D design practices, conventions and plans that are interchanged between trades and services.

Where are the current light fittings for electrical plans?... take a slice of the data at ceiling level.

Where are the windows and doors?... take a slice between 1-3m from floor level

Where do the sub-floor supports sit relative to the subsequent floors and their internal layouts?... take a slice that shows a thickness of multiple floor levels.

Cross sections that reveal impact of new wall penetrations?.....take a vertical slice through the building with thickness covering the area of interest (or the whole building)

We can deliver these as.PNG image files georeferenced within Autocad that keeps project complexity low but illustrates enough to ensure design/aesthetic/engineering criteria are known.

.PNG files georeferenced in 3D autocad file

We can also deliver as html file that can be opened in any web browser with an 'inspection' interface allowing inspection and measurement capabilities of the 2D section (derived from the 3D data) for your design team

If this something worth considering, call/email our team and we'll happily assist with finer detail and any lingering questions you may have.

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